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Internet Anywhere Transported on satellite, subsea fiber optic cable or a hybrid combination. Highly skilled, well peered, and rapidly deployed DIA services. prev next Undersea Fiber Optic
We design and build solutions using Undersea Fiber Optic Cable
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Green &
Blue Tech
Civitas works directly with the community in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to develop a data delivery system around the community’s Smart City needs, not just the needs of large MNOs. prev next
RF Distribution

Wireless network systems for localized, regional, and national distribution.
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We provide high performance connectivity services for multiple industries.


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

GCC can provide Internet access to all of the major Tier 1 global internet providers.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Dedicated point-to-point connectivity for voice and data traffic.

Rural and Community Broadband Initiatives

Wireless network systems for localized, regional, and national distribution.

Subsea Fiber Optic Cable

We offer our services to design, deploy and manage global sub-systems all around the globe.

Voice Over IP

We offer a robust network that allows the implementation of Voice over internet protocol and Session initiation protocol.

Colocation Services
(Data Centers)

We offer colocations that allow your equipment to be deployed in a secure and efficient manner.

Network Management

Transmission Operations Centers (TOC’s), trouble shooting, and support.

Green & Blue Technology Experts

Responsible and environmentally friendly solutions

Session Initiated Protocol

Global Connect Communications SIP solutions provide you with connectivity that drive performance and cut costs globally.

Smart Citites

We support the concept of smart cities in these regions bringing economic advantages and jobs.

Content Delivery Networks

Our solutions are optimized specifically to allow for content to be distributed from the network core to the end user seamlessly

Wave Transport

We are able to build and manage wave transport networks that require custom routing and transparent network design.

Awesome Features

A variety of high quality services and solutions.

Global Connect Communications specializes in simplifying the deployment of complex networks in existing and emerging markets.

Our unique insights into designing, engineering and managing, traditional networks and content services.

We use our considerable inventory of subsea and terrestrial fiber, wireless, and satellite to support the ever-growing customer demand for connectivity and content distribution.

SINCE 2012

We individually evaluate each need and offer the most optimal solution

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